Welcome to the Early Years!

It has been so good to see the Early Years children back in action over the last two days.

They have been so busy exploring and discovering – painting, role play, singing, PE, enjoying dinner, seeing brothers and sisters and generally settling into the Early Years inside and outside. There was great excitement when they saw a shrew outside in the garden. We enjoyed seeing children that we knew in the forest. We even drew a giant Unicorn on our CleverTouch screen all using our magic fingers!


We have ‘planted’ some carrot tops and an avocado pit/stone and have our fingers crossed to see what will happen.


We have shared a lot of stories including Little Rabbit Foo Foo which we also enjoyed watching on our big screen.






We have been excited and happy getting to know one another and find out what happens in school. Today we were happy to meet Miss Lane who will be working with us in the Early Years on a Friday.

We are really looking forward to meeting more new friends next week – after we’ve had a little rest this weekend!