Welcome to the ‘Fore’-est


It was ‘World Mini Golf Day’ on Thursday, so the forest challenge was to create a mini golf course! small groups set about ‘cleaning’ the ground and dragging logs to become barriers. Their courses grew bigger and more complicated and some had ramps, barriers and even trick holes! They joined forces and then took turns playing through each hole and trying to get better scores. There were also a group of very dedicated cavemen, who painted their faces and drew cave art on a log in their cave!



Unfortunately, it was too windy for Willow to get in the forest in the afternoon but they were very understanding once they saw the branches swaying. Luckily, the playground was free and safe, so they went out and played some games to burn some energy and have some fun!



It was a HUGE day for the Saplings and Ash…it was time to put their waterproof suits on for the first time! After listening attentively to a very thorough demonstration, very few of them needed help! Suited, booted and wellied up, they were ready to go. They were incredibly excited to see the mini golf course made by Lime and got to work trying to get a hole in one! They also went worm hunting and were showing off handfuls of worms and made a wet sticky ‘soup’ too.



The waterproofs were handed out in Beech too which was a bit of a shock to them after enjoying the sunny and mud free forest so far. They all scrambled to grab a ball and had a go at the mini golf course. They were working on counting how many shots they were doing and trying to do less each time. One group decided to make their own course with ramps and even a place to hold the balls while you wait. A small group were interested in putting the broken bits of trees back in the ground to see if they’ll grow again.



Maple completed the week by also being incredibly impressed by the mini golf! They all had a go and it became quite competitive to see who could putt the ball in the least amount of shots. The beginnings of another hole began but then they floated off to other interesting things. The digging zone saw a lot of usage and a very dedicated group worked tirelessly and made a great deal of progress. A fort also shot up with some great knots and a couple of tarps and a pirate ship complete with anchor was made too!