Welcoming new friends!

There were ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahhs’ aplenty this week and it was love at first sight as we welcomed two new members to the Little Hadham Primary team! Already much-loved, Snowy and Cookie (our school Guinea Pigs) seem right at home. We feel very lucky to have you!

We had the pleasure of watching a live-streamed performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons this week. We learnt about the different instruments used during the Baroque period and were able to identify these instruments in the music. We learnt about the structure of Baroque music and used musical terminology such as ‘trill’, ‘concerto’ and ‘sonata’. We also learnt about Vivaldi himself and wrote beautiful fact files about the ‘Red Priest’ (aka Vivaldi).

Wednesday saw the fifth transnational, virtual mobility of the Erasmus+ KA2: ‘Alice in Wonderland, Discovering Our Roots’ programme. Each participating school was asked to present the messages and morals that emerge from the story of ‘Alice’. We can definitely say that Year 6 impressed!

Eddie and Rubie, our School Council representatives, shared their thoughts, experiences and involvement in the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Project.  They told our partners that they have had the opportunity to learn about the countries in the project, their culture, morals and values. They learnt about respect, democracy, inclusion and overcoming boundaries.  Some of the aspects they particularly enjoyed were singing traditional Christmas songs, preparing and baking delicious delicacies, designing and sending artwork and of course making friends.

We then signed the song ‘This is Me’ from the Greatest Showman. We chose this song to demonstrate individuality, inclusion and decided to sign it, as, due to COVID restrictions, we were unable to sing it.

Needless to say that the partner schools were watching the video speechless. Fabulous job, Year 6! The partner schools posted many ‘Bravos!’ after enjoying your performance.

We enjoyed making Easter cards using folded paper to create a 3D egg effect. They looked egg-stremely good!

In Art, we looked closely at sea shells and used observational techniques and different sketching and blending techniques in our drawings.

In PE, we honed our tag rugby skills and used tactics to try to hold on to our tags for as long as possible.

How lucky we were in our Forest sessions this week to enjoy the sunshine. Swing designs, marshmallow dens, tree climbing and whittling all mixed together with great friendship.

Happy Easter everyone. Have a super break, Year 6!