Wet and Windy forest …

The children are really settling into their school life now. They are getting to know their way around our indoor and outdoor environments, getting to know one another and us and delighting in every new experience that they are introduced to.  A big excitement this week was going to the Hall, in the main schoool, for our lunch!

Forest was wet this week and it highlighted the sad state of many of our waterproof suits. If any of your children have their own suit that they could bring in on Fridays OR a suit that they have outgrown that you could donate to school for a younger child we would really appreciate it. Any other spare outgrown joggers/leggings/long sleeved tops are really useful for us to use in school as well.

Please remeber that the Early Years school day is currently 9am to 2:55pm. If you have older siblings the rule is that they all comein at the earlier time. We really try to be at the school gate at 2:55prompt  and appreciate the efforts that you are all making to be there at that time too.

Next week we are using the story ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers as a focus  across the whole school. If any of you have the story it would be a good time to get it out and share it. It is also available to listen to on YouTube. Our phonics teaching starts in earnest  with Ash children being introduced to the sounds s a and t. You could let tham have a treasure hunt at home looking for things beginning with these sounds. We are focusing on subitising (recognising the number of objects without counting them) with the numbers 1 2 and 3 as well as colour and patterns.