We’ve got skills and they’re multiplying!

What a fantastic way to enter the second half-term! I Can’t… I mean I Can’t YET!

We welcomed Mike Mullen from the BMX Academy for inspirational workshops with all our year 4, 5 and 6 pupils, followed by growth mindset assembly on the playground.

The children put their growth mindsets into action as they learnt some tricks and stunts on the BMXs during their workshops. A huge thank you to Mike for such an engaging, challenging and inspirational day and a big well done to our children for their efforts during their sessions- they certainly have talents!

The assembly included learning about Mike’s journey into BMXing and the important messages of perseverance, determination and learning from failure (‘Flearning’!), as well as a stunt display which included a jump over Ms Connolly, Mrs Tweedale and Mrs Courtman-Stock-terrifying!

We loved Mike’s messages of perseverance, overcoming challenges and positive thinking and feel they tied in with the way children at the school had shown resilience during their workshops. Some learned new skills for the very first time. I think I know what will be on their Christmas list this year!