What a hive of activity!

What a ‘buzzy’ week we have had.  Inspired by the BBC Radio 2 Bee Garden Design Competition, as a whole school project, Bees and Honey have been our topic for our Art & DT Week.

We started our week with a talk from Nina, a local bee keeper (and ex-parent of the school), who took us through the life cycle of the bee and honey production. She showed us a bee hive, her protective clothing and answered our many different questions. Thank you, Nina!

Back in the classroom, we researched the honeybee, designed and created Bee Hotels and made a tissue paper honeycomb hexagon. In Maths, we created a Baravelle Spiral. We found the mid point of each side of a hexagon and joined these together. When the process is repeated multiple times, the straight lines give the illusion of a curved line and a spiral effect. Clever!

We also enjoyed a visit from a company who produce a kit called ‘RoboThink’. Our task was to create a remote controlled buggy or a robot.  This was so much fun. We had a great time racing our finished creations across the school hall floor!

How to end a busy week? Time in the forest creating memories and treasuring friendships.

Enjoy the football this Sunday. Apparently, there’s quite an important match on! Come on England!