What a performance!

One of the highlights of our final week (and there have been many!) was our fabulous performance of our end of year show! It was well received by our audiences and we absolutely loved performing it! We sang, we danced, we acted…we shone brightly!

How hot? Hot enough to fry an egg, you say? We put it to the test. We carefully positioned a frying pan in the centre of the playground at the hottest part of the day and left it to heat up in the midday sun. Temperatures were close to 40 degrees! We cracked an egg and watched it sizzle! Think we’ll stick to eating the ice lollies though!

Thank you, Ms. Connolly, for helping to keep us cool in such sticky weather. We really appreciated the delicious ice lollies…

Our learning never stops! We just looked for cooler places to learn together. In our final few days of Year 6 as the shone blazed down, we took our learning into the forest where we found a tiny breeze. Here we solved hidden clues to ‘unlock’ the door to the future. With our fabulous teamwork, we were able to solve the puzzles and, of course, have fun!

The teamwork continued with the help of some coaches from Saracens. Lots of problem solving and learning about leading healthy lives…

All good things come to an end and as we approach the final part of our primary years, we can honestly say we’ve had the most fabulous time!