What a week that was!

What a busy week we have all had in the Early Years!

We started off by reading ‘The Enormous Watermelon’. The children really enjoyed this book as it is based around well-known nursery rhyme characters. Singing nursery rhymes with your children is such a valuable thing to do and the children are proud of the ones that they know but interested in ones that they haven’t heard before. Then we tasted some watermelon …

We spent a morning with 5 Little Speckled Frogs …

… both on dry land and in the water!

We have had one VERY wet Forest School and one VERY warm but both have been wonderfully enjoyed. Lots of talk about Boggle snot, Boggle eggs and bracelets, dead rabbits (!) and lots of fun climbing and swinging in the forest.

It has been another busy week full of fun and learning together. The children are coping well with life in school but have been very tired today.

On Monday (20th) Ash Class will be having a photo taken which will be in the local newspaper alongside photos of all the other Reception classes in the area. Can you please ensure that they all have their colourful school tops with them for this photo.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!