When life gives you rain, play in the puddles!

We kick started our Monday with Yoga. Using two poses that we have visited in the past and a new one, we thought of a short story and created sequences based around these and the subject of Football! Our ‘Heroes’ entered the stadium, after a ‘Slide’ tackle a penalty was given and subsequently a ‘Goal’ was scored!

Circles and their various parts were revisited this week. We used this information to explore and understand Pie Charts. Later, we went on to draw our own and to understand how to the display information within the chart.

Pattern duplication and tonal shades – whether spherical, spiral, angular or wavy, we used varied pencil pressure to shade and show depth within different patterns.

Writing in English was very motivating.  We studied and analysed a motivational speech, both in the written form and then in a video delivery. We discussed the features of motivational speeches.

Understanding the necessity of different food types and water was our starter for science this week as we explored the digestive system. We followed food and water, after intake, on its onward journey through the body. Our internal organ maps were created. We found out how long our small intestine is – our bodies really are amazing!

WOW! Wednesday – what a scorcher! The temperature rocketed – time to quench our thirst and cool ourselves down. Thank you for our cooling treat, Ms. Connolly!

Dance continued this week with the children ‘striking a pose’ and expanding their routine.

Memory sketches were re-enacted and rehearsed in Drama. At the end of another busy and productive week, we dusted off and donned our wet weather gear for our rather muddy forest session. As they say, ‘Rain did not stop play!’

Have a lovely weekend, Year 6!