When the sun shines…

What a scorcher of a week we’ve had! So much to celebrate and enjoy…

We had such a great morning on Tuesday for our Sports Day. We loved organising all the equipment for each activity, ensuring everything was ready for the whole school to enjoy. We competed so brilliantly in our coloured teams and scored so many points. But it was our kindness and our caring attitude that shone through as we supported and encouraged the youngest members of our school at each activity. Congratulations, Year 6, on leading such a successful Sports Day!

Look out, it’s behind you! What a performance! On Tuesday afternoon, Image Theatre company entertained us with their interpretation of ‘The Sword in the Stone’. We sang along and cheered in all the right places. We even became some of the actors for a bit! Bravo!

In Science, we tested our predictions from our previous learning, finding out what happens to the brightness of a bulb when more cells are added to a circuit and what happens to the brightness of a bulb when more bulbs are added. We enjoyed testing our predictions and forming conclusions. Such bright sparks!

For our final Forest session of the year, we were treated to a fire and toasted marshmallows. The fire was lit quickly thanks to the heat and some sage wisdom from Year 6. After the fire burnt out, we each poured a cup of water and shared some of our favourite Forest School memories.  So many happy moments we’ve shared in our Forest sessions; it was great to reminisce. Through our Forest sessions, we’ve learnt to trust, we’ve grown in confidence and we’ve challenged ourselves – all whilst having fun and cementing our friendships!

On Thursday, Willow Class looked a little different…our current Year 5 pupils came to see what it feels like to be in Year 6. Our soon-to-be-Year 6 pupils quickly settled and learnt a bit about some of the exciting plans we have in store for September! Meanwhile, our current Year 6 pupils spent the day at their new secondary schools finding out what Year 7 has in store. They all came back to school on Friday and regaled us with tales of delicious food choices from the canteens as well as some sensational science experiments they had carried out. The secondary schools are so lucky to be receiving our wonderful pupils!

Enjoy the weekend safely, Year 6! With the scorching weather set to continue, please remember to come to school wearing comfortable, cool clothing and a hat, bring a refillable water bottle so you can stay hydrated throughout the day and have sun screen already applied.

Looking forward to enjoying your final few days with you, Year 6, before a well deserved summer break!