Where did November go?

It’s hard to believe that November is almost over and December is just around the corner. Time flies when we’re having fun…

In our Art lesson, we have begun learning about Henry Moore, sculptor and official war artist during World War 2. We learnt about his lumpy, bumpy and holey sculptures as well as his sketches of the London Underground during World War II, when the tube stations were used as bomb shelters. And, of course, how lucky we are that much of his work is right on our doorstep in Perry Green!

On Tuesday, we presented to our partner countries as part of our Erasmus+ project. We enjoyed a live chat with Greece, Poland, Italy, Spain and Croatia and shared a presentation all about how our Captains had been democratically elected. Well done, Captains – you presented brilliantly! We are proud of you.

In Science, we used our knowledge of how light travels and reflects off objects to help us learn how the human eye works. We learnt new vocabulary including retina, optic nerve, cornea and lens. We used mirrors to have a close look at our own eyes and how the pupil changes size to allow more or less light to enter the eye. The human body truly is amazing!

In Maths, it was time for more fun with fractions. This week, we have been multiplying, dividing and solving equations with fractions. We used bar models to prove our answers and worked effectively with our learning partners to explain our thinking and reasoning about fractions.

Subject or object? Active or passive? What is the difference between  ‘The children painted the walls.’ and ‘The walls were painted by the children’? Those were the questions we tackled this week in our grammar lessons. as we soon discovered, once you master the rules of how our language works, there is much fun to be had changing word order and playing with words!

Steve Jobs once said, ‘Everyone should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.’ We certainly did a lot of thinking in our Computing lesson this week as we used an app called Hopscotch to practise our coding skills. We made simple games using arrow buttons to move a character. Great learning, Year 6!

Have a lovely weekend!