Who is our Mystery Visitor?

There has been a bit of a mystery for us this week. The children noticed that something had been burrowing under our fence. What could it be? The children thought it might be a monster,  boggle, a rabbit, a fox or a badger. They created some pictures of what they thought it could be and kept watch through our window to see if they could spot it. Mrs Groot kindly offered to bring in her night vision camera to see if she could capture who had been visiting. It worked! We now know that it is a cheeky rabbit that has been tunneling it’s way in! Thank you so much for helping us solve the mystery Mrs Groot.

During our maths lessons this week we have been thinking about repeating patterns. The Saplings have been thinking about 2 part repeating patterns and the Ash class have been challenging themselves with 3 or 4 part ones.

On Tuesday we had yoga and the children are getting so good at their poses – particularly their good sitting pose. They are also amazing at the Sun Game where they have to do a sequence of moves.

They children have been working really well with each other over the last week. It has been lovely to observe them. There have been great hockey matches, collaborative maps, sharing of swings, joint drawings and much more.