Wonderful Willow Class at work

Our new class text is the award-winning ‘Wonder’ by R. J. Palacio. We shared the opening of this book and quickly were discussing the use of the word ‘normal’ and what is meant by normal. We asked thought-provoking questions including, ‘What does normal mean?’, ‘If one person is described as being normal, does that mean others are not normal?’  We then  tried substituting the word ‘normal’ with the word ‘usual’ to see how it felt and sounded. Only a few pages into this  page-turner and already we are thinking big. Impressive discussions, Year 6!

In our Geography lessons this week, we researched Antarctica. We learnt about its topography (the features of its landscape), the climate and the wildlife found there. We learnt it is the driest and windiest place on earth.

It was expedition time in History as we learnt more about the experiences of Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott. We delved deep into Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition of 1910 and looked at different pieces of information before debating and discussing the question ‘Was Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition thwarted by bad planning or bad luck?’. We worked together in teams and presented our ideas using fabulous oracy.

In English, we edited and put the finishing touches to our non-chronological reports about icebergs.

In our Science lesson, we continued learning about adaptations of plants and animals. We played a game to test our knowledge of different adaptations and then researched different animals and how they have adapted to suit their environment.

In Maths, we solved ratio and proportion problems and enlarged shapes by different scale factors.

Some of us took part in the Sports Hall Athletics event at Birchwood this week. It was a lot of fun and we thoroughly enjoyed a wide range of different activities with children from other local school. The activities included javelin throwing, hurdles, obstacle relay, chest push and speed bounce!

Another busy week in Willow! We look forward to welcoming parents to our Learning Together morning next Tuesday, the 24th January. Enjoy the weekend, everyone.