World Book Day…Forest Style!


With world book day around the corner and Lime already talking about books, we decided to make some mud book characters! A huge bucket of water was collected and then…split all on the forest floor! However, the second bucket was filled with squishy mud and moulded into faces…and an onion. There was also a Spongebob made on the floor with twigs. A huge game of Harry Potter was created with Dumbledore sorting everyone into houses and teaching everybody spells.



Willow also really got into making their own mud characters, there were some wonderfully crafted ones including; Winnie the Pooh, Willy Wonka, Peter Rabbit, Hungry Caterpillar, Spongebob and a Pantasaurus on the ground using sticks and a stump. We also spoke about different gestures and how people say things with body language. For the session, they were tasked with using actions to substitute a few feelings or sayings. There was a lot of pointing at each other and they found it quite challenging.



Fresh from the world book day excitement, Ash and Saplings took to the mud character challenge too. They enjoyed the huge bucket of mud left by Willow and made a great Thomas the Tank engine. They were thoroughly enjoying the double swing made by Maple and then it happened…A BEE WAS ON THE FLOOR! Everybody stopped what they were doing and came running. They watched attentively as Mrs Lammin fetched some sugar water on a spoon and it wasn’t long before it was flying away to freedom!



Beech enjoyed looking at the impromptu mud gallery of book characters on the stumps. They guessed what the mud might be and were thrilled to find the bucket of mud to make their own characters. They came in all shapes and sizes and there was lots of great showing off. The swings were popular too, they worked well together sharing them and helping each other get up and down. They also made great use of the door in the fort made by Willow, which was the perfect size for them.



Boy did Maple get into making their book characters! There were ones made from mud with stones and sticks added, some made of sticks with clever bits of rope to keep the together and the chokey was made once more (even bigger and deadlier than the week before!) We had; a whole bunch of Mr Men characters, Spongebob, the mole who knew it was none of his business, Stickman, Spiderman, Hedwig, the BFG, Olaf, Jack Frost, an Oompa Loompa, Peter Rabbit and a whole lot more…