Worm Homes for Sale…


Lime are still enjoying learning about Cave People in class and are bringing that out into the forest! Some set up their own tribe and moved into a den. Each member had different jobs and the whole operation was very smoothly ran. There were some hunters who tracked down sticks to eat, some who were in charge of guarding and a few builders too. A cool shelter was made and to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, there was some Irish dancing! There were also always people carefully climbing and another dedicated digging zone group.



Willow are obsessed with the digging zone and are always knee-deep trying to excavate rocks, find worms and uncover the mysterious pipe. This week a mud business was created, which supplied mud for a worm farm. The farm was divided into 2 parts with babies going to the ‘Nursery’ (complete with mud slide) and the older worms going to a hotel. That way big worms could relax, while their children played! Some children expressed interest in whittling, so the knives came out and sticks were shaved to deadly (grass-cutting) points…



The rain began to fall, as soon as they got into the forest, so the little ones didn’t wait around for too long. Some mysterious orange balls were found in tricky hidden corners of the forest and Ash and Saplings worked really hard to find them all! Some were up in trees so sticks and teamwork were needed and it really got them thinking. Once they were all found, they joyously ran around and hid them for each other to find. They even dug a great hole in the digging zone and buried a couple which were very difficult to uncover.



Beech had a problem to solve before getting loose in the forest and finding the orange balls. They had to come up with some great names for the new Green Team mascot. They put their heads together and used some incredible alliteration to create some wonderful recyclable names. They then looked far and wide for the balls and found lots of them very quickly. It took them a while to find the last one and when they flipped a stump and found it underneath they jumped for joy and high fived!



The balls were hidden in higher up and more difficult places to uncover but boy were Maple up to the test! They worked frantically to uncover them and a few were left to find after quite a lot of searching but that didn’t deter them. There was only one which they couldn’t find and they were annoyed with themselves that they didn’t check the rope bag! The Christmas tree was planted…again and they really wish that it didn’t get dug up each week! A brilliant worm sanctuary was constructed out of sticks and mud, they knew the worms liked it because they didn’t escape underground…