International Women’s Day and Worm Homes

We were excited to celebrate International Women’s Day in school this week. Our class focused on Malala Yousafzai, learning about who she is and how she is currently helping to change the world. The children were very inspired by her bravery and have continued writing about her over the course of the week and drawing pictures of her. To help the children understand how Malala has influenced the world, we focused on four key elements of her life: her youth, becoming outraged, being in pain, and finding her voice again. Here are a few pictures showing the children acting out each of the key parts in Malala’s life:

Later in the week, the children continued learning about minibeasts with a focus on worms. They planned out their mini-wormeries and practised sequencing the steps for construction. They also learned how to care for their worms once they were in the wormeries so we could ensure no worms were harmed in the process! We love seeing their enthusiasm for this project! The children will write a worm diary entry each day for the next week so that we can track our findings. Thank you everyone for sending your bottles in.

We conducted a staff survey this week in order to find out which hot drink was the most popular amongst the adults. Year 2 children went around the school interviewing teachers and used tally marks to record their findings. Once the tally charts were completed, they used the data to make pictograms. They loved this activity as it really helped them understand why data handling is so useful.