Leaf it out…


It was Gingerbread Day on Tuesday, so there were several gingerbread making factories using mud and leaves to make gingerbread men. Some were less keen on gingerbread men and were playing a game where you had to trap them in cages! The logs from the digging zone were finally recovered and lots were used to make a shop. Some great teamwork took place to lift the tallest and heaviest logs and transport them, although a great mess of logs was left in a huge pile at the end.



Willow put a stop to the huge log pile and spread the logs around the forest so that the digging zone was still free and Early Years had a clear path out of their gate. A leaf free pathway was carefully swept all around the forest to help them too. The knives were out once more and about half the class sat peacefully at one point or another to whittle sticks. A great World War game was continuing, with trenches being set up and shots fired. There was also a game of catch played with a pingpong ball over the shed!



The forest was very still this morning and we were worried it wasn’t going to let us in to play! They crunched through the leaves to the stumps which gave them the idea of making a huge leaf pile. They decided it could be a nest for a giant bird and began scooping up leaves and growing the nest. Some used buckets to transport leaves, while others just kicked them along! They then had great fun jumping in and out of the pile, which looked more like a pancake than a nest by the end…



Beech were thoroughly impressed by the Ash and Saplings leaf pancake and some began adding to it but the excitement never quite caught on! They were mostly relieved to hear that the digging zone was finally reopened and began looking for worms. Someone made the discovery of a very thin spider which they enjoyed parading around for a while. Then the wind came! Everyone carefully got down from the tree to and as the wind continued to pick up, they took shelter and used the leaf pile as a fire to gather round!



Maple were over the moon to not have to put their suits on today! They skipped into the forest as the sun shone and began to make the leaf piles to play the game ‘Eagle Eye’. The Eagle had an excellent nest to stand in and lots of hiding spots were found. Some tied themselves up in knots to make ‘harnesses’ that would help them move around the forest. The newly free digging zone was used as a ‘save the critter’ zone, where animals would be found and given new spots to live in.