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Welcome to Saplings!

Saplings class is in the Early Years Unit with Ash Class.

We are the Nursery Class. Our Class Teacher is Mrs Helen Nicklin and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Sam Askew and Ms Clare Bland.

Our themes are taken from and based around the children’s interests and fascinations. In this way our learning is fluid and adaptable as we respond immediately to all that happens. This term we aim to follow: Winter: Lighting up the World (Northern Lights), Ice, Fish, Birds and on to Superheroes ‘To Infinity and Beyond’, Spring and Growing (tadpoles and chicks) Weekly Forest School – Wednesday mornings.

  • Listening Ears and Snow. 1st February 2019- We've been listening carefully!
  • Magical sighting 29th January 2019- Bird watching and more.
  • Fishy Business 18th January 2019- This week Saplings and Ash Class have been looking closely at fish.
  • Brrr! 17th January 2019- We have been investigating and exploring ice.
  • Dinner Time! 16th January 2019- The Saplings have been making bird cakes.