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School Meals

We provide a well-balanced nutritious meal every day and always attempt to provide variety to keep the children interested.

School operates the ‘Pupil Choice’ system which offers a selection of three alternatives daily. Please contact the School Office for further details.

If you are unsure as to whether your child would like a school dinner, we have introduced a system where children may choose a school meal on certain days of the week, providing this is for a half term duration. This is an ideal time for children to decide if they would like to change to school dinners permanently.

If your child would like to have ‘Pupil Choice’ dinners, please drop a note in the black box at the office. Please contact the Office personally if you wish to opt for the occasional day meals option.

Hertfordshire Catering is the catering organisation serving Little Hadham School. Please see below for information leaflet and sample menu.