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Welcome to Lime!

In this class you will find  Year 3 and Year 4 children. Our Class Teachers are Ms Penning and Miss Debbie Todd, and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Sam Horton and Ms Kelly Goodger. We love to learn and always try our hardest.

  • Wednesday 15th July 2020 15th July 2020 - A lovely sunny morning today. I hope you enjoy the code-breaker activity. You need to think about what a hundred square is like, where is the number one? Where is 100? Have a go at putting the jigsaw puzzle pieces together. I have given you some moving to do today, as well. Have a look.
  • Tuesday 14th July 2020 13th July 2020 -   Hello again, Lime children. Let’s see what you’re going to do today. Something a little creepy and an element of performance … Also, another listen to the birds. Compare different birdsong. It’s amazing how varied they are.
  • Monday 13th July 2020 13th July 2020 - Hello Lime Class. Today, find out about a most weird electronic instrument and about the composer of the original Dr Who music. Also, write a Kennings poem.
  • My Greek Version… 10th July 2020 - My Greek version!
  • Wonderful Work 8th July 2020 - Thank you Orla for sending in your fantastic art.
  • Ancient Greek Families 8th July 2020 - Our Pictures of Ancient Greek Families
  • Medusa and Mazes. 5th July 2020 - The year fours had great fun learning to build their own mythical mazes.  Each group thought carefully about the materials needed to construct their designs. Great work Lime Class!                Medusa Art. Here are some excellent drawings of Medusa.
  • Wonderful Mythical Work 28th June 2020 - Here is Jess’ fantastic pencil case design! Rosie created this wonderful Pandora Box.
  • Fun in the Forest. 26th June 2020 - As it was such a lovely afternoon on Thursday, the year fours in Lime class explored mini -beasts in the forest.  The children were so excited to find a lizard under a log!        
  • Welcome back! 26th June 2020 - It was so lovely to see our year fours back yesterday.  In Lime class, we started the day by identifying parallel and perpendicular lines. The children found many examples outside too!  Jessica said ” Parallel lines stay socially distanced the whole time!”