In Maths this week we have been brushing up on our place value and using money. The children have enjoyed a whole range of practical activities and we have been taking advantage of the sunny, albeit cold, days!

Along with using outside as part of our learning space in Maths and PE, we have started doing our daily mile this week! It has been a good opportunity to let everyone release a little leftover energy as well as promoting good mental and physical health. We have spoken to the children to remind them of how important exercise is to overall wellbeing and emphasised how vital looking after our mental health is. The daily mile is scheduled for a Monday afternoon but we have been taking breaks to move like this throughout the week when we think the children would benefit.

In English, the children have begun reading the beautiful book called ‘The Great Fire of London’ by Emma Adams. They then became shape detectives and, using a model text, pieced together the correct shape for a diary entry. They worked together and read the text to figure out what the correct order would be and explained why.. By the end of next week, the children will have written a diary entry re-telling the events of the Great Fire of London.

We wrote a diary entry from an animal’s point of view. We scurried into Thomas Farriner’s bakery in Pudding Lane. We snuggled up next to the cosy, warm ovens. We carefully chose vocabulary to describe our ‘frazzled fur’, as well as using emotional language to describe our worries and hopes.  Luckily, we escaped and found a cooler house down the road!

In music, we listened closely to the first section of ‘Finlandia’ by Jean Sibelius. We felt that the music was telling the story of a storm. We could hear rain, wind and thunder. So we recreated these sounds using body percussion; finger tapping, blowing and lap tapping.  We experimented with the order of these sounds and created a class orchestra! We then composed and performed our own body percussion performances.


We had a special visit from our local Police Officer and PCSO.  They explained their role in keeping us safe and talked us through the different equipment that they carry. They very nearly took a new recruit from Beech class, who wowed them with his explanation of how their radio systems work!

In our computing lesson we learnt about how to keep safe online.  We have loved talking about the fun things that we can do through the internet, but we also looked at different situations where we have to think SMART. All of the children were amazing with their answers, but it is vital that we keep reminding them of this message.


S – Be safe. Do not give information to strangers online such as your name, address and where you go to school.

M – Don’t meet anybody that you only know online.

A – Do not click on links or accept links to other websites.

R – Do not believe all of the information that a stranger tells you.

T – If ever in doubt, or if anything you see makes you feel uncomfortable or sad, always tell a trusted adult.