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Parents’ Information

Home-School Diary

On a day to day basis, every child has a Home-School Diary and parents and teachers can communicate through this.

Email and Text Messaging

Where possible, for environmental purposes, school communicates with parents through the school office admin system. For more direct contact, the school uses TeachersParents Text Messaging Service. (LHPS)

Home School Agreement

In September, all parents are asked to sign and return the updated Home School Agreement which clearly identifies ways that both parents, pupils and teachers can work together to create the best possible learning environment for the children.

E-Safety Agreement

Once again, in September and February (S.I.D.)in order to keep our children safe online, every parents is asked to share the safety agreement with their child and sign and return it to school.

An E-Safety presentation for parents is held annually on Safer Internet Day in February.

Diary Dates

Early on in the school year, staff try to create a provisional set of diary dates of events for the coming year to support parents with planning etc. These are circulated to all parents in September and are then added to as the year progresses.

Parent Consultations

Parent Consultations are held in both the Autumn and Spring Terms with an Open Evening in the Summer Term to discuss the Annual Report and SATs results.

SEN Support Plan Evenings

In the week prior to the Parent Consultation Evenings, a designated Parents Evening is in place to review SEN Support Plans/Pastoral Support Programmes/Intimate Care for pupils with additional needs. Pupil targets are reviewed and new objectives set.

Parent Council

A parent is nominated from each class to form the Parent Council. They meet monthly to discuss any school concerns which are then shared with the Head teacher, if applicable. They are also responsible for creating the class phone pyramid for emergency contact.


Every fortnight, parents received a copy (either electronically or hard copy) of the school newsletter and parents of Early Years pupils also receive a copy of the EYFS Newsletter. These are uploaded on to the School website.

Cost of Living Crisis Support

For many of us, the cost of living is becoming increasingly challenging. Increases in the cost of food, fuel, rent or mortgages, and bills can be overwhelming and impact on family life day to day.

Attached is a list of organisations that may be able to offer help and support to those who are struggling to meet the demands of the rising costs. Please remember, we are always available to offer guidance if you are experiencing difficulties at this time. We can offer you support – a listening ear, sign posting to a range of services as well as practical advice and help.

Contact the school office to talk to Mrs Sonia Sillet our Office Manager or email the office directly, in confidence, and we will get in touch with you.

We are always here to support and help – in a safe, warm and non-judgmental space.

Health Information

Parent View

Every Spring, we canvas parents for their views on the school community using a parental questionnaire based on OFSTED’s Parent View. Findings from this questionnaire may feed in to the new School Development Plan for the coming year.

To contribute your views, please see link below.

Parent View - Give Ofsted your view on your child's school