3.11.2023 BMX sessions: We conquered new skills and tricks!

Welcome back! Children definitely came back ready to learn!

Our new class book is ‘The Secret Lake’ by Karen Inglis – one of Ms Sassis’ favourite books. So far, we read the first chapter and met some of the main characters.  We can’t share a lot with you but apparently, Stella (11) and Tom (8), when trying to find their elderly neighbour’s missing dog, will discover a secret lake, that will take them to somewhere magical – or not?

In English, we wrote informal letters in role of an evacuee child, who is being evacuated to the countryside and is living with another family. Luckily, the experience was good and children filled their letters with  their experiences of the village hall, the new house and the shelter. Their descriptions were beautiful, full of noun phrases and fronted adverbials. Their letters were well-structured, written with many features including  a chatty-informal style and topic-related vocabulary.

In Maths, we have been working on subtracting numbers with mental and written methods. and yes, we are definitely more confident since the day we started! In DT, this term, we will be working on our sewing skills. Once again, we can’t tell you any more. Apparently, Ms Sassis takes this very seriously! We are all looking forward to the final product!

In PE, this term, with Ms Sassis, we will be learning basketball skills. This week, we practised dribbling under pressure. In our Yoga session, we practised new positions such as the sitting stick, the slide and the curly whirl and we then played the ‘Don’t be sad game’ with our positions. And let us not forget the Skip 2 B Fit. We are making progress – our chart will show after after 6 weeks!

In our music lesson, we’ve just begun learning a captivating song called “Kisne Baanaya.” This song is a beautiful, traditional piece from India and Pakistan, and it’s all about how our world came to be and the different creatures that live in it. People who speak Hindi and Urdu both enjoy this song. As part of our learning, we’re listening to and singing the musical notes (called “swar”) using the Indian classical scale.


In our science lesson, we started our new topic of “Living Environments.” These sequence of lessons aims to understand the diverse habitats that support life on our planet. During this week’s lesson, we took a hands-on approach to learning about the environments that animals call home. We examined a variety of creatures, from land and air to water, and discussed how they fit into their respective habitats.


On Friday, our children had an exciting BMX session. The children truly surprised us with their determination to conquer new skills and tricks. Their enthusiasm was infectious as they fearlessly embraced the challenge.  One pupil said,  “It will change my biking forever!” Another shared, “I definitely overcame my fear. I didn’t think I could do half of the things!” and “I enjoyed jumping over the ramps!”  Not only was this a fun session but it built confidence and fostered a sense of accomplishment in our young riders.

Have a lovely weekend – see you on Monday morning!