Paramedics and Pies!

Last Friday, Early Years were lucky enough to be visited by Evie’s Daddy who is a paramedic. He showed us lots of his equipment, including his car and the children had an opportunity to roleplay what happens during an emergency.

Inspired by the visit the children have been taking on the role of paramedics in the classroom looking after our puppets and each other.

Ash and Saplings have been thinking about weight and how heavy objects are in maths this week, using scales. We found Little Red Riding Hood’s basket and weighed different objects from her basket to find out which of the objects were heavier. The children were very good at estimating which object they thought would be heavier or lighter before weighing them.

During our Understanding the World session, the children were very good at describing different objects which they found in Little Red Riding Hood’s basket. They could describe objects as shiny, smooth, hard and spiky. They were also able to match objects to the correct size containers to carry them.

Early Years showed super hand eye co-ordination in PE when they were throwing beanbags into hoops. They thought carefully about where they were aiming the beanbag and threw it sensibly.

Outdoors, there has been plenty of cooking in the mud kitchen, along with preparing vegetables. The children have been carefully cutting up carrots to make carrot soup, and stirring oats into mud cakes. The teachers have been spoilt this week with all the delicacies created!