A Chilly Week

Ash and Saplings children have been enjoying exploring and investigating the change in weather this week. The children had already spent time creating a world of ice using our indoor tuff tray which has been filled with ‘icy’ jelly and animals that like to live on the snow, including polar bears and reindeers. We were then very excited to see the frost and ice in our outdoor area. The adults overheard the children chatting busily away to each other about why there’s ice and frost and what might happen when the sun comes out. To further our investigation, the children put pots with water in outside at the end of the day and were eager to see what might happen to the water overnight. The next morning, the water had turned to ice! We discussed why it had happened and what we could do to melt the ice.

In PE, the children have been practising rolling and spinning hoops. It was tricky at times to keep them rolling upright but the children really persevered. Ash and Saplings also worked on their hand and eye co-ordination and did very well at throwing and catching balls.

The children have been learning about positional language in maths and describing where their mini me objects are. The classroom was filled with words such as, “on, behind, under, next to and in front of”. The children found some super places to hide them.

Continuing with our People Who Help us theme we have been thinking about vets which inspired children to take on the role of a vet and tend to several of our soft toys. Lots of injections were given and broken legs bandaged!

Today was very exciting as a tree appeared in our classroom. The children have started to create decorations to add to it. We are looking forward to more being added over the next couple of weeks.