A Great Start to the New Half Term

Ash and Saplings have been superstars at making their new teachers, Mrs Webb and Mrs Neal, feel very welcome. They have been fantastic at helping Mrs Webb find things in the classroom!

The children started the week off by impressing their dance teacher with their energetic moves, as they began rehearsals for their very first dance routine. We were super impressed by their excellent listening skills, ability to follow a sequence and of course their groovy moves.

Our new topic for this half term is Colours and we have been reading a book about a man called Halibut Jackson who changes colour to help him hide when he gets shy. Saplings were able to think of sentences for the story and came up with some fantastic suggestions for our whole class writing.  Ash wrote some super simple sentences, describing where Halibut Jackson was hiding. They really thought about the sounds they have been learning in phonics when writing words.

The children created colourful telescopes and used them on a colour hunt around the school. They found lots of different colours in interesting places and nearly all of them were able to find their favourite colour. The children were enthusiastic to share the colours they found with their friends.

In maths this week, we are focusing on numbers 1-5 and finding objects to match numbers. They also helped Mrs Webb work out how many toys were in a bed when reading ‘Ten in a Bed’. We took our learning outside during a forest school session and the children worked really well together to find a particular number of tiny treasures. The children would often be found helping each other find the correct amount of treasures. This is a great example of teamwork and considering other children’s feelings.

In PSHE, we were joined by a special visitor, Harold the giraffe. Harold shared with us what he feels makes him special – we learnt that he loves his long neck and long fluttery eyelashes. He then gave each of the children a mirror so that they could look at their special features and share what they like about themselves. We had some beautiful responses such as their bright eyes and curly hair but what impressed us the most was their ability to look inwards, as many mentioned their kind hearts.

We ended the week by going out to watch some of the older children showing off some of their BMX skills – we were very impressed!