A week full of sparkle and shine!

We certainly know how to bring the festive spirit in Willow Class and across the school. This week we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas lunch. Thank you to our cooks for making such delicious food! We made our own Christmas hats and the results were splendid – from penguins to elves to reindeer and everything else in between!

What better way to end the week than with our Little Hadham’s Got Talent show. A huge well done to all those who auditioned and to all our performers. You should all be very proud. Thank you for entertaining us. It really was a treat.

On Thursday we went to the Panto…oh yes we did! A superb performance of Cinderella, with the occasional twist, was enjoyed by all. Watch out, it’s behind you! Oh no it isn’t!

With such excitement this week, it’s a wonder we had time for our learning. In Geography, we looked at how the shape of Europe has changed since 1914 and the First World War. We discussed the changing of countries borders and the implications of the Treaty of Versailles. We used our map skills to help us locate different countries on the map of Europe.

In Design and Technology, we made our Christmas cakes. We have researched different sweet, traditional English desserts and cakes and we have tasted samples of Christmas cakes too. To make our cakes, we worked in teams to create the basic batter mix and then we adapted the recipe according to our design brief. We weighed, we creamed, we folded and all with great success!

Look out Mary Berry, here come Willow Class! When the cakes were baked, it was time to ice and decorate our cakes. We think we might have some future contestants for the Great British Bake Off in our midst.

In Science, we have used our knowledge of how light travels and how reflection works to make our own periscopes. We loved being able to use science to help us see around corners and over the top of our bookcases in our classroom. We also thought about how we could adapt the design of our periscope to be able to see behind us.

In Music, we have continued our learning of notation and composed our own pieces – with a Christmas twist, of course! It has been great fun using pitched instruments to compose with and then perform our music to an audience.

Phew! What a busy but fun-filled week! Have a great weekend. Remember to bring your gloves on Monday, Year 6, ready for our ice skating trip to Alexandra Palace!