A Wordy Week

Early Years have had a wonderful World Book week this week! We started off with listening to the story of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt in our Literacy lesson. This week we looked at the part where they had to go through a river. The children had to think of some words to describe the river and they came up with a wonderful variety of descriptive words, including soaking, soggy and dripping. Ash class are continuing to practise their sentence writing and Saplings enjoyed writing the letter S outside using a paintbrush and water. We were very impressed with how well they wrote the letter.

During Forest school, the children listened to the story of Stick Man and went hunting for their own stick man and family in the forest. We found the children busy making dens for their stick families, some even had a fire and a kitchen! The children worked well together to make cosy homes for their stick men.

Some Year 6 children came to visit and read the children a story called The Word Collector. The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to this story and were so well behaved whilst they were listening to the story.

The classroom was filled with an abundance of words on World book Day, the outfits were fantastic! We were very lucky to have Mrs Akester read a story to the class and Mrs Akinde also popped in and read stories to small groups of children. The children had the opportunity to share their favourite books from home. Mrs Webb and Mrs Lammin read their favourite children’s books to the class as well. We also found time to discuss how special it is to read and how it can take us to faraway places, teach us new facts and be a chance to share and sit with others and enjoy a book together.

Today we were lucky enough to go shopping at school! The children enjoyed browsing the things that were for sale and gave lots of thought to what they could buy for someone special!

We ended the week by thinking about habitats. We looked at creatures that lived in the desert and then thought about where we lived and what was near us. This resulted in some amazing map drawings!