An Arty Week

This week began with a special art activity which the children were extremely curious about. We prepared for it during our busy fingers time by making crowns, as we were told to wear something that made us feel royal! After lunch, we were introduced to a lady on the screen from the National Gallery. She shared the famous lion and Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square, before taking us inside the gallery where she worked. We felt as though we were right there with her.

Together, we looked closely at one of the paintings which hung on the wall and used our fingers to wave across the painting to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Huge pirate- like boats, treasure chests, a castle, the sea and a sunny sky were all spotted. Next the lady read us a story about a Queen who was on her travels to visit a King. She travelled by sea and we had to think about and list what she might take with her, see on her way and what the weather might be like. We then drew these things and cut them out to create story props. The lady was so impressed by our ideas and drawings! What a grown-up special activity!

Our grown-up activities continued outside during our Forest School session when all the children had the opportunity to practise whittling, using a vegetable peeler. They listened very carefully to the instructions and followed them, understanding the importance of taking great care with the peelers. The children really concentrated and worked hard to whittle the sticks. They found it fascinating to see the change in colour underneath the bark.

We were very lucky to watch the Lime Class dress rehearsal of their Iron Age to Stone Age production and the children behaved so beautifully in the hall. Mrs Webb and Mrs Lammin were very proud of how sensible they all were.

In Maths this week, the children confidently pointed out the days of the week in the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Mrs Webb got in a terrible muddle with her days of the week and Ash and Saplings came to the rescue and were able to help her put them back in the right order, thank goodness!

We have been thinking about Easter this week and we were lucky enough to have the Reverend Gaz and his wife Jo come in and tell us about the Easter story.