Beech Class 17.05.2024 Bringing books to life

In Beech class this week, we were fortunate to receive some new equipment, much to the delight of the children. They have thoroughly enjoyed exploring our new water area, which provides a fantastic opportunity for them to use and develop their mathematical measuring skills. Additionally, we have a brand new reading shed that will be available to the children next week. We believe in encouraging the children to read in a variety of settings, and this new space will offer a tranquil and inviting environment for their reading adventures.

Some of the children have been reading a book that features a coconut, and we were very fortunate to have Adeola, Toni’s mum and a Governor, bring in a real coconut for the children to see and taste. Adeola demonstrated how to extract the milk from the coconut and did an impressive job cracking it open. This hands-on experience brought the book to life in a wonderful way.

The children have also continued their planting endeavours, this time focusing on pot plants. They carefully transplanted these into larger pots, showing great care and attention.


In art, the children have completed their final pieces, which I am sure you will agree look spectacular.


In English, the children have focused on poetry, writing their own poems about places of refuge and special people. They also enjoyed listening to Michael Rosen’s nonsense poems, which added a touch of fun to their learning.

In maths, the Year One children have been working on multiplication through repeated addition. They have learned to see multiplication as adding the same number several times, which helps them understand the concept more concretely. For example, they practiced problems like 3 + 3 + 3 to understand that it is the same as 3 times 3. They used manipulatives such as counters and number lines to visually represent these problems, making the learning process interactive and engaging. Meanwhile, the Year Two children have been developing a variety of arithmetic skills. They have strengthened their understanding of addition and subtraction, moving on to more complex problems. They have also delved into basic multiplication and division, learning to solve simple multiplication problems and understand division as sharing and grouping. Additionally, they have worked on improving their mental arithmetic, practicing quick recall of number facts and using different strategies to solve problems efficiently. By engaging with word problems and real-life scenarios, the children have been able to apply their arithmetic skills in meaningful contexts, further enhancing their mathematical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

The children have worked incredibly hard as always, and we hope that they and you have a lovely, well-deserved break over the weekend.