Beech class 17th November 2023

We kicked off anti bullying week with odd socks day. We spoke about what the word bullying means and we linked our odd socks to why being different is good. The children were very mature in their discussions. “Being different is good because if everyone was the same life would be boring” and “You can learn from someone who is different to you” were just two of the quotes from the children. The children have also worked in groups to write some lovely poems about our school and they worked hard to ensure that everyone’s ideas were included. Following this the children were asked to find someone that they don’t normally play with and write three special things about that person. We have also investigated questions such as ‘How do we include everyone?’ and ‘How can we help a friend’. Again the children came up with some lovely ideas from helping someone when you see them on their own to making sure that no one is left out.

In our geography lessons, we are understanding the concept of ‘climate.’ Distinguishing between ‘weather’ and ‘climate’ has been a key aspect of our discussions. The children have loved exploring the atlases; finding the extreme cold areas of the word, tropical countries, and desert areas. The children have particularly loved singing our continents song!