Bees, Beans and Rainbows



Lime were very relieved to hear that the digging zone was open again and got to work in an attempt to dig up the pipe. Another few were still fishing and managed to ‘catch’ lots of worms. It was Carnival Day on Monday, so a fun fair was created with a slide, see saw and sweet shop too! A third group put together an incredible den and gave an excellent tour. It included a bedroom (with heater), a workshop and a tool room. Another small group were rubbing sticks together to make fire but had no luck!



At the stumps there was a great commotion, as 3 huge bees were found snuffling around the grass. One particularly brave bee crawled on someone’s wellie! This bee only had one wing, so a group took pity on the bee and decided to make it an excellent home (after they named it Melon…). They got lots of logs and the finest leaves, so that Melon could live a happy one-winged life! They were also very pleased that the digging zone doors were open once more and found lots of worms and made a spa too!



The rain was falling very heavily as Ash and Saplings put their suits on and it was decided that they should try and get some tarp and put a shelter up. The rain had slowed by the time they were outside but they’d made their minds up and the tarp was put up in some trees. They found some logs for sofas and got some sticks to make a fire. Then food became their main priority and an ice cream, soup, apple pie shop was made! They sold their produce from in the dry shelter and had a great time.



The sun briefly popped its way through the dark clouds for Beech class and as the rain fell, everyone flocked to see if there would be a rainbow! For a minute or so it arched over the playground and everyone watched it happily until it disappeared from view. Pokémon Day was on Tuesday, so there was lots of training and battles going on, with children adopting different names and very serious battle faces. Elsewhere a ‘stickfire’ was made in the shelter and lots of tasty snacks were being cooked.



Maple were pleased that there was a shelter already set up for them and got to work trying to improve it but after a few extra strength knots, they were distracted by the prospect of Eagle Eye! They hid all over the forest and lots of games were played. Elsewhere, the Christmas tree was replanted for about the 5th week in a row. A group protected the tree and stopped any possible intruders from coming near it. Another group was created called the ‘Bean Gang’ who celebrated all things to do with beans and sung a very catchy song!