Being fabulous!

Lime Class certainly were fabulous this week as they proudly took to the stage to share their knowledge of prehistoric Britain – the critic’s reviews were positive and they received plenty of stars!!

As far as other class news is concerned, we enjoyed an amazing online art lesson live from the National Gallery where we looked at the work of Peter Paul Rubens and created our own pieces which included perspective and movement.

As we conclude our Geography topic about deserts, we acted out some of the human activity that occurs in these hostile environments and looked to answer our over reaching enquiry question – ‘can humans survive in a desert?’  Ask us what we decided…….

As part of our RE topic this half term we welcomed some visitors to class.  Reverend Gaz and his wife Jo (better known to us as Abigail’s mum and dad!) came to help us answer our RE enquiry question.

We discussed the importance of the Easter story to Christians and then thought about why Christians call  part of  Easter  Good Friday, when it doesn’t appear to have been a good day at all!