Bird Watch – Little Hadham Style


SATs week is in full swing for Willow, so they were ready to get out in the forest and play some games. There were a few games of ‘seek and hide’ (the name they give hide and seek) at the beginning of the session, which evolved into some very tricky games of eagle eye. The forest was surprisingly quiet as they tried not to get caught! Then, the silence was broken as cries of ‘rabbit!’ could be heard. Sure enough, after a little bit of patience, a tiny bunny hopped its way through the forest and under the fence. Everyone was thrilled!



I CAN SEE THEM, I CAN SEE THEM! There was much excitement this morning, as the bird box was making a lot of noise! Another creature had obviously tried to break their way into the bird box one day this week and some of the missing wood had made for a great viewing station. The little ones were a bit to small so with some grown up help, they were lifted to see the babies being fed. They also carried ‘dino bones’ into a huge pile, made a trap for baddies, dug for treasure and surfed on a stump…



Beech were absolutely beside themselves, to be able to get a glimpse of the babies. They have their own bird box in their playground but to have a ‘viewing platform’ to see inside was tremendous news for them! Some stood and watched for a very long time, enjoying seeing their little beaks poking up through the sunlight. Another flying creature was found, which (after a quick google) was revealed as a White Satin Moth, it wasn’t able to fly, so they got a really good look before leaving it on a log to regain its strength.



Being the tallest members of the school to see the hole in the bird box, Maple were entranced by what they could see. They crowded round to get a closer look and were actually slightly grossed out by how unfluffy they were! A pair of ‘beaver weavers’ made a ‘wally bally’ (and spoke in a ‘strangey wangey’ way) by lining the digging zone with a lot of sticks. The faithful group remade their shelter, some post it notes were stuck around the forest so a treasure hunt could take place and a base was made with hidden compartments.