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Little Hadham Primary’s very own Netball Tournament!

We are thrilled to share the success of the recent inter-school netball competition organized by Mrs. Goodger and Matt. The event showcased great skills and sportsmanship from all participants. While there were some disappointments along the way, the highly competitive atmosphere kept everyone engaged and excited- we do like to win here at Little Hadham …

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Great Notley Country Park

Early Years had a wonderful school trip to Great Notley Country Park and the children thoroughly enjoyed the Very Hungry Caterpillar session. Activities included caterpillar and butterfly relay races, matching games and an art activity – and this was all before lunch! The afternoon was spent wandering through a meadow with nets, searching for insects …

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The Magical World Of Spelling!

We are delighted to share that Mrs. Martin our SENCo  delivered a highly informative spelling workshop for parents. The session was filled with useful tips and strategies to help support your children’s spelling at home. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended. Your participation and support are greatly appreciated. For those who couldn’t …

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Maple Class Bring the Past to us-LIVE!

We are thrilled to share the success of Maple Class’s recent performance on the Ancient Egyptians! The children showcased their dramatic skills brilliantly, using their voices and singing to bring the historical period to life. Their movements, gestures, and facial expressions added depth and excitement to the performance. The children definitely enjoyed performing the play …

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Crucial Crew Workshops

On Tuesday, we joined other local schools and took part in the annual Crucial Crew workshops. These workshops are designed to help us learn how to stay safe. With fun activities delivered by the Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service, National Railways, and more, we certainly had a busy time! During one of our activities, we …

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Standing Together Against Racism!

Children in Year 4, 5, and 6 recently took part in an important workshop called “Show Racism the Red Card.” This workshop aimed to educate our students about discrimination, the reasons behind it, and how to stand up to racism. During the session, the children learned that people may face discrimination due to their skin …

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Water Area… Reading Shed… It’s all happening in Beech this week!

We are excited to share some wonderful news from Beech Class this week! Our classroom has received some fantastic new equipment, bringing great joy and excitement to the children. New Water Area: The children have been thoroughly enjoying our new water area. This fantastic addition offers them a wonderful opportunity to explore and develop their …

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A Truly Well Deserved Treat

Willow Class celebrated the end of SATs week with a delicious (and well-deserved!) ice cream. A big thank you to Ms. Connolly for organizing this treat! The students enjoyed the special breakfasts and the ice cream so much that they wished it could be SATs week every week…well, maybe not! But they will certainly miss …

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Testing Times!

This week Willow Class completed their SATs assessments in Reading, Grammar, Spelling and Maths. They took each day in their stride and there were plenty of smiles all round. The yummy SATs breakfast each morning might have had something to do with their good mood and positive outlook!

Exploring Tropical Modernist Architecture with the V&A Museum

It wasn’t all SATS for Willow Class. Today they got to participate in an online workshop with the V&A Museum, diving into the fascinating world of Tropical Modernist architecture. This architectural style emerged in the 1940s in response to the hot, humid climates of West Africa. Tropical Modernism is known for its innovative design solutions …

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