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Marshmallow Wars!

Some brilliant new role play games sprouted this week at Little Hadham…

Hark! I hear a Forest!

The forest was very noisy this week! Making instruments and listening out for different birds…

Happy New Year!

New year, same forest! It didn’t take long before everyone was enjoying themselves doing what they do best…

Endings and Beginnings

The final week of Forest sessions of the year!

Stars, Stripes and Knots!

4th of July celebrations, knots and a whole heap of amazing shelters!

Fantastic Forest Fete Friday!

Lots to do in the week leading up to the fete!

Britain’s Got Daisy Chains…

The longest day of the year meant a daisy chain competition and also a few talent shows…

Sand, Sea and Shade!

Staying cool by making our own beach and fishing!

Jubilee and Builders!

Excellent weather for some Forest fun!

Beatles, Beetles and Abbey Toad.

Rock ‘n’ Roll icons visit this week.

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