From creating collages of robots to composing diary entries. 2nd February 2024

Beech class has experienced yet another eventful week, ranging from

In art, the children dedicated their time to enhancing the intricacies of their robot designs. They utilised various media to create collages of their robots, resulting in each robot having a unique appearance. They successfully brought the three-dimensional elements of their designs to life.

In the computing sessions, the children have extended their exploration of the ‘Modern Tales’ topic. Extensive discussions have taken place regarding their preferences and challenges related to technology. As part of the activity, the children uploaded selfies and shared their perspectives on technology by recording their views.

In the English sessions, the children have initiated the planning phase for their stories inspired by the book “There’s a Tiger in My Garden.” Each child selected a distinct animal with unique characteristics and modified the setting of their stories. They conscientiously incorporated story language, punctuation, and dialogue into their plans. We eagerly anticipate reading their final versions next week.

In mathematics, the Year 1 children have been exploring the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Meanwhile, the Year 2 children have explored into the concept of fractions, successfully tackling word problems that incorporate fractions as part of their learning journey.

In our history lessons, the children have been learning about toys from the past. This week, they explored a diverse array of toys, enhancing their observational skills by identifying clues indicating whether the toys were old or new. The vocabulary used, including descriptors like good and poor condition, worn and tattered, shiny and fluffy, enriched their understanding and appreciation of historical artefacts.

In our RE lessons, the Year 2 children have been learning about Judaism, specifically focusing on the Exodus of Egypt and the ten plagues. This week, the children explored the celebration of Passover, gaining insights into how Jewish people commemorate this significant event. Exploring the symbolic Seder plate and tasting matzo (unleavened bread) fostered a deeper understanding of the cultural and religious practices. We shared our delicious experience with the Year 2 children too!


Wishing you a fantastic weekend!