Happy Half Term!

Our topic about the Second World War culminated in some clever code breaking as we learnt about Alan Turing and the amazing work undertaken at Bletchley Park. We also created some striking Blitz water colour and collage pictures.

In RE, we have been busy learning about the Four Noble Truths. These are key to Buddha’s teachings. They explain the problems humans face and why they face them. They begin to answer the question of how humans can escape these problems. We presented the Four Noble Truths on butterflies as a symbol of how we might be able to be free from suffering. There was lots of deep and meaningful discussion about how humans might learn to be content and stop craving as we made our butterflies.

We finished this half term with a Tag Rugby tournament. Congratulations Blue team!

It was so lovely to see everyone at our Parent Consultations and celebrate the children’s achievements from this half term.

A reminder that there is no Home Learning set for this Half term break. Perhaps a good opportunity, instead, to catch up on any outstanding spag.com tasks or TTRockstars training.

Whatever you do, enjoy the change of routine and we look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 2nd November.