Happy New Year!

How lovely to be back and welcoming in the New Year with exciting new topics and experiences ahead for Willow Class!

This week we enjoyed learning about the story of Chinese New Year and how each Chinese year is named after one of twelve animals – this year is the year of the rabbit. We made beautiful Chinese New Year cards using lots of red (a colour considered to bring luck and good fortune!).

‘Frozen Kingdoms – polarising opinions?’ is the title of our topic for this term and we have begun in earnest exploring all things frozen. In Science, we explored how polar bears stay warm in such extreme cold conditions. Even though it was rather messy and cold, we had fun exploring the insulating properties of lard.

As part of our Geography, we have compared and contrasted the Arctic and Antarctic and learnt about their different features.

Art took a chilly turn this week as we used different drawing techniques to sketch polar bears. The results are rather beautiful!

In Music, we listened to Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’ from his Four Seasons concerto. We learnt about his talent for composing music that evokes images and his talent for playing and teaching the violin. As we listened, we wrote Winter themed short poems to match Vivaldi’s music.

In English, we researched icebergs in preparation to write a non-chronological report. We were amazed by how much there is to these huge lumps of ice. From ‘bergy-bits’ to ‘growlers’ we were surprised by how much we learnt. We then looked at text features for non-chronological reports including formal tone, use of third person and topic specific vocabulary and how to punctuate bullet points correctly. We edited our notes and plans and look forward to completing our final reports about these natural wonders.

‘We take it you already know of tough and bough and cough and dough…’ We were kept on our toes during our spelling lessons this week as we explored the –ough grapheme. Did you know this letter string makes eight different phonemes? We wrote a poem using this spelling pattern and played a matching pairs game!

In Maths, we have been learning about ratio and the relationship between ratio and fractions. We have successfully used the ratio symbol and solved problems using ratio and proportion.

A new year, a new fitness regime! In PE, we got our blood pumping and our hearts racing as we planned new fitness routines and took turns in leading the class through different exercises. A few of us were a little stiff the following morning!

I’m Year 6, get me out of here! There were challenges galore during our Forest session this week as we worked in teams to score points by completing a series of (sometimes-sticky) tasks. From spaghetti-filled wellie boots to eating crickets, it was a session we will definitely remember! The success of each team relied heavily on our cooperation and listening skills.

In Computing, we entered the world of virtual reality as we began our new topic ‘CoSpaces’. We learnt new vocabulary related to our new topic and made tried out a few new apps.

Wow! What a busy week! Have a wonderful weekend!