Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone and welcome to the first post of 2024.

Our new History topic is ‘The Indus Valley’ and we have begun by asking ourselves three questions.  Where was it?  Who lived there?  Why was it important?  We found the Indus valley on a map and also located several other notable ancient civilisations.  We have drawn some comparisons between life in the Indus valley and life in Britain during the same time period and what we found out was really surprising!

In Science we have begun to investigate how sound is made by playing an assortment of musical instruments – it was a loud lesson!

Our Maths is all about length and perimeter for the first few weeks and we got out our rulers and tape measures to measure up the classroom. We have also been learning to convert between mm, cm, m and km by using what we know about multiplication and place value.

In English we have started to read ‘Malala’s Magic pencil’ which is set in Pakistan.  We have also learned about the structure of Haiku poems and planned, written, redrafted and published our own. They will go on the wall very soon so do be sure to pop in and take a look.

We have started our dance lessons and are learning some key mobility skills in PE.  Music has been all about call and response and the samba rhythm, we have also tried out some body percussion.

In art we experimented with soft pencils, tried out different shading techniques and learned how to draw a life like human face.  French made us hungry because we have learned the names of some common fruits and In computing we have been trying to answer the question – what is a robot?

Thankyou to all the parents and carers who were able to support learning together morning – it is always greata to see so many of you. I hope it was interesting to have a peek into some of the ways in which we teach our spellings in lower KS2, and how this links with and builds on the phonics learning  from  EYFS and KS1.