It’s a Bugs Life!



Lime were slightly annoyed to be putting their waterproofs on but they soon forgot and put their accomplished shelter making skills to the test instead. There were 4 different shelters going up, one using string to make a ‘big top’ style. Another put sticks from one branch to another and then covered the roof with leaves. Then 2 old shelters were built upon and improved to protect them from the elements. The digging zone was incredibly ‘sloshy’ according to those that entered it and after a while, they decided it was best not to stay in it for too long.



Willow were very excited to hear the news that the baby birds could be seen in the bird house and enjoyed watching the videos from last Friday. However, they were certain that because the nest was empty now, that they hadn’t managed to survive the week. They then got busy in the forest exploring bugs and creating their own WWE style wrestling by putting bugs in the see-through pots. Elsewhere a very lifelike turtle (complete with sticks to outline the shell) was made out of mud to celebrate turtle day.



It was a bug hunting kind of morning, so the littlest members of the school looked for the littlest creatures! They were given pots and went off looking underneath stumps to try and find anything wriggling. They found a lot of worms and some children were happier to pick them up than others and lots of talk about where bugs live took place. They also climbed trees, jumped on the mushrooms and tied lots of rope to a swing to make some kind of weird stick robot thing!



Beech were very concerned as to where the baby birds in the nesting box had gone but most of them assumed that they were old enough to fly and begin their adventurous  lives. They were excited about the bug pots too and made sure that any bugs had enough soil and leaves to keep them warm and fed. They discussed the different types of bugs found and were sure that their discovery of a shield beetle was the best one. A rabbit also ran through the forest at one point and caused a large amount of excitement!



The bug pots went down a storm with Maple class too, they helped search to find as many different species as they could and enjoyed making habitats for them. A huge project was underway to build a 2 person swing. People tried hard to wrap the rope around the tree but when it was done, they still didn’t quite trust it! A tribe of cave people captured a prisoner and gleefully chanted ‘aye’ at them for a very long time. Some reluctantly helped take down the tarp from the shelters, so that we can start afresh for the last term of the year…