It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The countdown to Christmas has officially started in Willow Class. We decorated our tree and on the 1st December, we opened door number one on our Class Advent Calendar and lit our Advent Candle. We rather like having lessons by candlelight!

This week we began our DT topic about traditional English desserts. We researched different desserts and cakes and discussed their popularity. We then explored traditional Christmas desserts including mince pies, Christmas pudding, Yule logs and Christmas cake. then it was time for us to taste Christmas cake. We looked at texture, decoration, shape, as well as taste . After a rather sticky and lip-smacking tasting session, we thought about who we would make a Christmas cake for and how we might adapt the basic Christmas cake recipe. Watch this space to see our Christmas cakes being made and decorated in the next couple of weeks.

Have you ever wondered what colour light is? We investigated using prisms to find out by splitting or refracting light. When we refracted the light, we saw rainbows. This is called the visible spectrum. The visible spectrum is made up of the 7 colours of the rainbow. We then used Isaac Newton’s Colour wheel and his Theory of Colour to turn the 7 colours of the rainbow back into white light. We are applying our scientific knowledge brilliantly and impressing with our use of technical vocabulary when using our awesome Tracy. what superb scientists!

In English, we have bee exploring and identifying different word classes. From nouns to adjectives to determiners and beyond, we identified different word classes in extracts of text. We certainly had a good SPAG workout this week!

Why identify different word classes in just English when we can also do it in French? we have been translating passages of French about the Second World War (La Seconde Guerre Mondiale) into English. we correctly identified French nouns (noms), adjectives (adjectifs) and verbs (verbes). It was tricky but we worked together well – nous avons bien travaille ensemble!

In our writing sessions, we have been watching a short film called ‘The Piano’. We have used expanded noun phrases and ambitious vocabulary to write the beginning of an atmospheric recount. We impressed with our vocabulary and descriptions and how we created mood and atmosphere.

In our Forest session this week, we explored the art of a good conversation. First, we closed our eyes and had a two minute conversation discussing whether children should rule the world! Then we opened our eyes and had the same conversation but this time ensuring we made eye contact with each other. Oh my! We really noticed the difference. When there was no eye contact, it was difficult to know who wished to enter the conversation and we found that our voices got louder and louder; our conversation quickly fell apart. with our eyes open, we found more people were able to successfully take part in the debate and our conversation was enjoyable and meaningful; we could each make our views known to the group.

Have a great weekend!