It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

With just less than a month until Christmas Day, we are really starting to feel Christmassy in Willow Class. Our hand made Christmas tree decorations look beautiful and are ready to sell at our Christmas Bazaar.

Our tree is decorated in the classroom with gorgeous hand made ‘book- inspired’ baubles and our Advent candle is ready for the big count down and story time by candlelight.

We are also in fine voice as we added a little swing to the Christmas Bazaar with our rendition of ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’!

In RE this week, we have been thinking about how Christmas is celebrated and whether those who take part in the festive celebration do so in a sacred or secular way. We reflected on the type of celebration we have and thought about what is important to Christians at Christmas. To show our understanding of a secular and sacred Christmas, we designed baubles. Can you work out which baubles represent a sacred Christmas and those that represent a secular Christmas?

It may be December and Christmas fever may have started to creep in but we are busy as ever with our learning in Willow Class. In Science we have continued to learn about how light travels and how we see things. The human eye is quite remarkable. We observed how the pupil in the eye changes size depending on the level of light.

We learnt about the function of the different parts of the eye including cornea, iris, lens, retina and optic nerve and how they work together to enable us to see. After learning some new vocabulary, we made a plasticine cross section of the eye. This activity really helped us to use the key vocabulary from the lesson and helped reinforce our understanding of the different functions of parts of the eye.

In English, we have linked our writing with our learning about the First World War. We have taken the animation ‘The Piano’ (a short film) to inspire us to write a recount with a flashback. You can watch the short film by clicking the link below.

The exquisite and moving soundtrack inspired us to write emotional pieces.

In Design and Technology, we have been researching traditional Christmas foods and finding out about their origins. In the next few weeks we will design our own Christmas cake and consider how to adapt a recipe to meet our design brief. After conducting some research, we carried out a taste test of different Christmas cakes. We had quite strong views on which were our favourite and which will inspire our own cakes.

Have a lovely weekend.