Let’s Bee friends…



Sure, the trees were too wet to climb and okay, the digging zone was out of bounds because it was too wet but Lime were not down in the dumps! They had a great morning and turned the digging zone into a pond with plenty of great knots to tie ropes to fishing sticks. They also used the unclimbable trees to swing from by tying ropes in a line, so lots of people could have a go at once. There were also a couple of camps set up that began a sort of ‘capture the flag’ type of game. They also found the first blossom of 2024!



Fresh back from their trip to the Scott Polar Research Museum, Willow were full of energy and inspired to have their own explorations in the forest! The main adventure was a hole being dug using sticks. Some ‘ancient pottery’ was found which meant they had to dig further to try and discover more. They didn’t find anything else but they were having great fun. For a second week, ‘Seek & Hide’ was also being played. A huge team started out playing but numbers dwindled, as the session went on. The Christmas tree was also buried once more.



The littlest foresters in the school had noticed the white blossom blooming from some trees and were very excited at the prospect of spring. They searched high and low pointing at any other bits they found. After some excellent 1, 2, 3, Where are You? games, they began adventuring. Someone had made a treasure map, so a group followed the map around in circles for a while, not really finishing anywhere! Some began digging a hole, while others were fascinated by the Christmas tree that Willow class had buried on Wednesday.



Beech were ready in their suits very quickly this morning! The first big discovery was a huge stick that turned into a see saw, while others wanted to go fishing again and tied string to their sticks (someone even caught an octopus!). Then someone found a bee! It was quite slow, so you could get a really good look at it. They realised that it might need some refreshments, so a spoon of sugary water was offered up, while everyone watched on in awe to see if she would drink. A brilliant stick den was made too!



Maple had heard about the Bee during lunch time and the story had evolved into one about a Queen Bee that needed everyone’s help! They were disappointed to find that she was gone but kept a vigilant look out and found lots of bees floating up in the blossom. It was ‘Hippo Day’ on Thursday so one group made a hippo sculpture! A brilliant shelter went up in record time that then became a blossom shop and another stick was made which even had a roof and sold the worlds best pasta!