Let’s make a noise about bullying!

This week has been Anti-Bullying week and to launch this, on Monday we wore odd socks. Our odd socks were a reminder to us that  we are all different and our differences are to be celebrated.

We talked about the many ways in which we can take a stand against bullying and how we can help ourselves and others who may experience bullying. We agreed doing nothing is not an option and that together, speaking up about bullying, talking to a trusted adult and using our Network Hands were just some of the positive things we could do. We created these beautiful posters of us making a noise about bullying.

On Friday  we showed our support for Children In Need. For a small donation, we sported crazy hair styles! We think Pudsey Bear would be proud!

In Art, we explored tone and shading techniques. We found out about sketching pencils and what the letters and numbers at the end of a pencil mean. H pencils are hard and great for outlining whilst B pencils are soft, making them perfect for shading and blending.

As part of our PSHE lesson, we wrote back to our Greek pen pals, this time telling them all about our local area and where we live. We also made Christmas cards and included a message explaining what our favourite parts of Christmas are, from the beautiful decorations to the delicious foods we enjoy. We hope our letters and cards arrive in time for our pen pals to enjoy before Christmas.

In Science, we have been learning about how light travels and how we see things. We made 3D diagrams showing light travelling in a straight line from a light source, bouncing (reflecting) off an object and travelling in a straight line to our eyes.

Next we looked at refraction and how it is used in everyday life. Refraction is when a light wave changes direction as it moves from one transparent material to another. Refraction is used to make diamonds and jewels appear even more sparkly. We saw refraction in action by placing a pencil in water. The pencil appears to split in half. We then looked at what happens when we put an arrow behind the glass of water. The arrow appears to change direction. Science really is magic that works!

The Christmas Bazaar is fast approaching, so Willow Class elves have been busy sewing beautiful Christmas tree decorations. Even though the sequins were fiddly and the different stitches were challenging, we think the finished product was worth it. You’ll have to come to the Christmas Bazaar to see our hand-made creations.

Our next Learning Together morning is Wednesday 22nd November. We hope you can make it.

Have a wonderful weekend.