Party time!



A mysterious pile of twigs had made their way into the digging zone and the Lime class children were very impressed with how malleable they were. They were used to make the beginnings of a very cool fence in the middle of the forest and also the decoration of a throne, that a king sat on! The king barked orders at people who added sticks to his great throne and generally did whatever he said. They also made some World Book Day forest art by using sticks and leaves as characters in their favourite books for people to guess.



A huge (and loud!) portion of Willow became chimpanzee’s up in the trees. They howled while climbing and also managed to create their own half chimp/human language which was difficult to understand to those who weren’t part of the crew.  The digging zone was hacked away at meaning the pipe was more visible than ever and another group started an arm wrestling championship. They were also briefly reunited with their ‘Melon’ their bee from last week, but he flew away as they tried to corral him into a tub…



The Ash and Saplings were very excited to find out that it was Connor’s birthday tomorrow and decided that they were going to throw a forest party! After a brief chat about what makes a party fun, they set to work. Leaves were used as balloons and scattered on the floor and several mud cakes were made, as well as a very squishy brownie. No party is complete without a game, so ‘1, 2, 3 Where are you?’ was played to finish. Those not in the party mood were having a great time in the digging zone and used sticks to make a jail!



Beech were excited about the upcoming birthday celebrations too and decided to make an array of birthday food! A cake was made and they even decorated the forest with some very classy chandeliers (sticks dangling from a tree). A stew was stirred but then someone decided to put poison ivy in it and it was more of a birthday trick than a present! Elsewhere, the tree was climbable for the first time in a few weeks and a rotation of children joyfully explored. In the digging zone 2,500 worms were found, they knew because they’d counted…



Maple seem to have created several forest tribes in recent weeks. This week they also made a few dens to hang out in. One used a tarp and stuck a stick out of a log which was very impressive! One buried the Christmas Tree (again!) and the third stacked logs. One group performed a birthday song and dance for Connor and presented birthday tacos! Someone made a cake with stick candles and a pine cone soup was also brewed. The digging zone was also busy trying to uncover the pipe, that seems to disappear each week!