Pipe Dreams…



It was a great morning for Lime Class who made some fantastic discoveries and played wonderfully together! The digging zone was flooded with excitement as something incredible was found. Everyone crowded around to get a look at the solid object that they thought was a china pot. They later realised that it was probably a pipe and began carefully excavating, so they could see more of it. Elsewhere, to celebrate Hot Chocolate Day (and Hedgehogs Day) a café called ‘Hedgehogs’ was opened which also made croissants.



Willow started by splitting into several groups and getting creative. Some made great headway exposing the pipe in the digging zone but then just before the end, they got scared and thought it might not be safe and began to cover it up again. ‘The world’s first 2 person swing’ was also created but quickly abandoned after they saw the branch sagging under the weight of 2 people. Then about half the class engaged in a very exciting few rounds of hide and seek before coming back to the stumps and discovering a dead mouse!



After the excitement of last week’s bird watching day, the littlest members of the school were thrilled to play their favourite game once more! 1, 2, 3, Where are you! They played a couple of games and even pretended to be fish swimming together in a group finding the other children. Then they split up into a few groups and explored. Willow’s swing wasn’t strong enough for a Year 6 but was perfect for 2 Ash and Saplings, they worked very hard queueing too. Another huge group used the shovels in the digging zone and had a lot of fun.



Tales of the great digging zone mystery had spread to Beech Class and they knew something was lurking at the bottom of the digging zone! They worked really well using sticks and shovels to try and find the pipe that Willow had covered up and at the end they just about managed to see the top of it. They vowed to be back next week for more…Elsewhere the trees were very popular, as well as the 2 person swing. The Christmas tree also returned and was tied up for a reason that never quite became clear.



By the afternoon, everyone was very intrigued to discover more of the pipe but Maple weren’t too sure what it was. They mostly thought it was a Roman pot and happily dug until the phrase ‘sewage pipe’ was mentioned! They dug a lot more carefully after that… Elsewhere, a large group of tree climbers turned into zip line makers. They were trying to tie one end of rope in the tree but no one was really brave enough to try it. A lovely café was made, with all items costing 2 green leaves and a few games of Eagle Eye were also played.