Summer has arrived!

This week was a blend of questioning and creative activities. Students completed their end-of-unit quizzes for both Science and Geography, testing their knowledge and understanding of the subjects. In Maths, they explored the concept of coordinates, enhancing their spatial reasoning skills. Additionally, Art lessons focused on the fascinating world of 17th-century Dutch art, providing historical context and artistic inspiration.

Beyond the classroom, there was a strong emphasis on hands-on and physical activities. Students had a delightful time using plasticine to craft 3D figures, a fun exercise in preparation for the upcoming Art Week. Sports were a highlight as well, with students enjoying sessions of rugby and cricket, which offered both physical exercise and teamwork opportunities.

To round off the week, students participated in a relaxing yoga session on Friday, promoting mindfulness and relaxation. They also engaged their imagination by listening to a soundscape, which served as a creative prompt for story writing. Overall, it was a well-rounded week with a balance of learning, creativity, and physical activity.