The Last Half Term Already!

Early Years have had a super first week back after half term, we can’t quite believe that this is the last half term, it has whizzed by!

Our story for this half term is Handa’s Surprise and we talked about the differences between where we live and where Handa lives. The children were able to notice lots of things that were different, such as the huts that they live in and the animals they see. We looked at how they might carry their shopping home and had a try ourselves – it’s not very easy! We also talked about how the characters were feeling and why, which is linked to our whole school theme of empathy. The children were also able to taste some of the different fruits that were in the story. The pineapple was a great success, as well as the avocado!

As well as trying eating new foods we tried painting with them! We discovered that raspberries and blackberries make some lovely colours!

Despite the weather suggesting otherwise, we have been thinking about the fact that we are now in Summer. We compared it to Winter and the children were able to make sensible suggestions about what we wear and what we can do in the different months.

Outside, the dolls have re-appeared and been taken on a number of different holidays already! The children have shown great care and consideration when packing for the babies. There have been many conversations about what needs to be taken and what the dolls will do on their holidays.

Inside the Guinea Pigs have come for a visit, the children were very excited to have them back for the week.

In maths, Saplings have been practising recognising numbers quickly using a dice and numicon. Sometimes they were quicker than the teachers! Ash children have been learning to double numbers up to 5, using numicon to support their learning. They were able to answer questions, such as what is double 2? The adults were very impressed with their quick responses. The children also had to find out which numbers Cheeky Monkey had taken out of their number cards.

In our Friday forest session with Connor there was lots of teamwork, sharing and minibeast hunting! After lunch we went in the playground with the rest of the school to wish Connor luck as the next time we see him he will be married!