Water Area… Reading Shed… It’s all happening in Beech this week!

We are excited to share some wonderful news from Beech Class this week! Our classroom has received some fantastic new equipment, bringing great joy and excitement to the children.

New Water Area: The children have been thoroughly enjoying our new water area. This fantastic addition offers them a wonderful opportunity to explore and develop their mathematical measuring skills in a fun and engaging way. They have been busy measuring, pouring, and experimenting, all while learning important concepts in a hands-on manner.

Brand New Reading Shed: Starting next week, we will be introducing a brand new reading shed! We believe in encouraging the children to read in a variety of settings, and this new space will offer a tranquil and inviting environment for their reading adventures. The reading shed will provide a cozy and serene place where the children can immerse themselves in their favorite books, fostering a love for reading in a unique and enjoyable setting. Thank you to Mr Hutt and Mr Trundle for organising and building these learning treats for us!