We’re back and we’re busy!

Welcome back to school! We hope you all enjoyed the Easter break.

In Willow Class, we have got the new term off to a great start. What a delight it was when we were finally back on the school field this week. Oh how we’ve missed running the length of the field, twirling and cartwheeling our way over the grass! The field is looking fabulous and we certainly are making the most of it during our breaks and in our PE lessons!

Revolution – Full steam ahead?  That’s the title of our new topic for this term. The Victorian period was one of great change, but was it all for the good? We will explore the reign of Queen Victoria and find out what empire means and investigate the expansion of towns and cities during the Industrial Revolution. This week we have been looking at portraits of Queen Victoria and have worked collaboratively to create a whole class portrait of this long reigning monarch. It was a challenging task but we thoroughly enjoyed the process and are justifiably proud of the result.

During the Victoria period silhouette portraiture was the popular way to recreate an image of oneself or loved one before the invention and common use of photography in the mid 1800’s. We created our own silhouette portraits and finished them with decorative gold frames.

From line graphs showing continuous data to dual bar charts and pie charts, we have explored statistics this week in maths. We have asked and answered questions about data presented in a variety of ways and have learnt how to find the mean average.

“We’d like a ‘P’ please, Mrs Tweedale!” We had great fun playing a competitive round of SPAG Blockbusters in English this week. Who said learning and revising grammatical terminology had to be dull? It was nail biting at times but always good fun and the game certainly helped us apply our learning.

This week saw us have our first dance lesson of the term. We had a great warm-up and then were able to recall some key dance vocabulary including dynamics and tempo. It was a session full of energy and collaboration.

The forest may have been cut back recently meaning climbing the trees was somewhat curtailed  but we had a lovely time designing and testing our very own pully swing! They say many hands make light work and we found this to be true as we worked together using rope and branches to create a pully system. The swing was super fun and created the illusion of levitation. We proudly named our swing the ‘Swing-a-tron24’!

Our next Learning Together Morning is Tuesday 23rd April. We look forward to learning with you then.

Have a lovely weekend!